Welcome to the main page of the Vangelis webring. Here you can find information on how to join the webring with your own Vangelis site, as well as links to all the sites that are currently part of the ring.

A webring is a collection of sites about a certain topic, all attached in a chain that forms a ring, by including a small navigation panel on the site, which links to the next and previous site in the chain. By following these links a web surfer can easily move around and browse trough the sites in a structured fashion.

This particular ring was set up to hook up all sorts of sites about Greek musician Vangelis. We decided to give it some selective functionality, in that sites can only join if they actualy add something to the web and are informative in some related way. Therefore only sites or pages that have Vangelis as main topic can join.

The user can jump from site to site, searching the desired information about Vangelis, or he can jump to a site chosen randomly from the ring.

The Vangelis Web Ring is managed by:

Antas, Dennis Lodewijks and Henk Engelen.
You can e-mail us:

Basic rules:

Only sites that add new content to the web will be included. We will not accept pages that simply re-use elements (text or image) from pre-existing sites on the web.
Only sites with at least one page specifically about Vangelis will be included. In cases where the Vangelis page is part of a larger site, only that specific page can become a part of the ring.
The site should consist of more than only lists of links to other sites.
The site should be comprehensible.
The site should aim to be more than just temporary.
The site should meet the unwritten rules of general netiquette and should not be offensive.
We reserve the right (without trying to censor) to refuse sites on other grounds.
About the navigation panel: Do be aware that it is not allowed to change either the image or HTML text on your web page. Besides the continuity issues and other obvious reasons, this could also result in technical problems on some or all browsers.

How does the ring work?

All sites that are part of the Vangelis web ring will contain a piece of HTML code that will enable a visitor to proceed from site to site in our ring.
After following the procedure for joining us (see below), you will receive an e-mail message containing the code you need to insert on your page (main page or the specific page about Vangelis).
Also a vwr.gif file will be send to you. But if your website space is very small you can ask a html code that also refers to the picture at the vwr main site.
If so, ask about it in your e-mail!

Procedure for web sites to join:

  1. Read the basic rules and make sure you are able to comply with them
  2. send your e-mail to . In this e-mail you have to put your website address, so we can visit it.
  3. The site will be evaluated by the ring management (Antas, Dennis and Henk). This could take a few days.
  4. If we agree we will send you an e-mail containg the html code and the vwr.gif. It is also possible to refer to the file on our own server. For this we include an alternative HTML block. You must choose between the two options.
  5. The chosen block has to inserted at the desired spot on the page. If you choose to have the image on your own site you have to place it in the same directory as the page with the HTML block.
  6. After inserting this block you have to inform us at elsew.com@gmail.com (directly for speed). As soon as the message reaches us we will add the URL of your page to a list. As soon as this is done it will work and your site will be in the webring. Untill then the block on your page will not function, but otherwise the ring would be broken.
  7. For the link on the webring' main page you are invited to submit a short description of your site, within the limit of 400 characters.

Sites included in the Vangelis ring:

[ Random entrance ]
[ Random entrance ]

For any informations, please Email us:

Dennis Lodewijks - Henk Engelen - Antas

Graphic designed by Branko Popovic