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Demis Roussos lyrics - Adagio: Italian song lyrics

Demis Roussos: Adagio lyrics

  1   Morning has broken   4:52        Cover from: Demis Roussos Adagio lyrics
2 Tous les "Je vous aime" 4:57
3 Oxygen 5:22
4 Too many dreams 4:18
5 Les mots qui font peur 3:25
6 Adagio 8:00
* 7 Italian song 2:45
8 Take me home 4:49
9 Spleen 6:24
10 Sergueii 3:51
Total playing time 48:44

Artemios (Demis) Ventouris Roussos (born June 15, 1946) is a Greek singer and performer.
He was born in Egypt. After settling in Greece, Demis Roussos became in 1963 a member of the Greek group "The Idols". From 1966 till 1967 he was member from "We Five".
From 1967 till 1972 he was a member of the group "Aphrodite's Child".

After Aphrodite's Child disbanded, Demis Roussos started solo.
In 1977 he recorded, together with Vangelis the album "Magic".
In 1982 Vangelis and Demis worked together for the Demis album "Demis" (including the song "Race to the End", a vocal adaptation of the musical theme from the film Chariots of Fire).
Also a French and Spanish version was released of this "Demis" album.
In 1982 Demis was involved in one song the Vangelis album "Blade Runner" The song was entitled "Tales of the Future".
In 1984 Demis and Vangelis worked together again on the album "Reflections"; an entire album with "cover" songs.
Demis Roussos has sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

* only this song contains music of Vangelis.
Cd also released with title: "Insight"
It's a  cover version from: "Italian song" (Jon Anderson and Vangelis)
The lyrics are not the same as "Italian song" from Jon and vangelis.
It's a kind of Romanian-latin language mixed with "wordpainting" [pseudo Latin].
The other lyrics are not included on this page.
Note: Vangelis does not play on this album.

Lyrics transcribed from CD recording (lyrics not available on sleeve or in booklet).



si tu fa un tepor rento
nadi infe sate

si tu fa en topor rento
mari infa sate

si fe to inta murenta
si muree farà


si tu fa intu porrefa
sape into matii

si tu fa into porrento
mati farà di te


si tu va into porrento
sape to di te


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