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Vangelis and Chrisma lyrics - U lyrics

U pt.1 and 2 by Chrisma lyrics

* 1   U part.1   4:43        Scan from 7" single U  by Chrisma lyrics
2 U part.2 4:44
Total playing time 9:27

Krisma (formerly Chrisma) is an Italian musical New Wave - electronic group founded by Maurizio Arcieri and his wife Christina Moser in 1976.
In 1976 Chrisma recorded in the studio of Vangelis in London the single "U" and "Amore" with the producer Nico Papathanassiou and his brother Vangelis.
Their collaboration with Papathanassiou and Vangelis continued in 1978 when they recorded the album "Chinese Restaurant."
The first single: "Amore" / "Sweet Baby Sue" was released in 1976.
In 1977 the first album was released: "Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant".

* Only this song contains lyrics
Lyrics by Richelle Dassin
Music composed by Robert Fitoussi
Performed by Chrisma
Produced by Niko Papathanassiou

Other versions of "U":
"I dig you" (Demis Roussos)

Lyrics transcribed from single recording (lyrics not available on sleeve).


U part 1 lyrics

[ ] = not sure

Ooh I like the way you [dig, tease]
Ooh I like the way that you [dive,jive]
Or you turn me on [when /what] deep
Or you turn me on when you [dive/die]

I dig you who
I dig you who

Say who taught you how to [dig / deep / tease]
or you really not had to [die]
or you really know how to [deep]
Or you make me really feel like dying

I dig you who
I dig you who

Ooh I like the way that you [dig / tease / deep]
Ooh I like the way that you [down/ dig / deep]
Oh you've got a way of [dig / tea]
I'm just crazy by the way that you [die,dive]

I dig you who
I dig you who
I dig you who
I dig you who
I dig you who
I dig you who


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Lyrics transcribed by Sufian and Henk Engelen.
Thanks to Don Fennimore for the scan.

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