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Vangelis and Holly Johnson lyrics - Europa lyrics

 Europa (Holly Johnson and vangelis) lyrics

  1    Follow your heart     6:22        Cover from:  Europa (Holly Johnson and Vangelis)
2 In and out of love 3:25
3 Heaven's eyes 4:27
4 So much it hurts 4:02
5 Dancing with no fear 4:10
* 6 Europa 4:29
7 Glorious 4:09
8 Hold on tight 3:59
9 Lonesome town 4:04
10 You're in my dreams tonight 4:01
11 The sun will shine again 4:32
 Total playing time 47:03

Holly Johnson (born 9 February 1960) is an English artist, musician and writer, best known as the lead vocalist of Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

* only this song contains music of Vangelis.
The title track, "Europa", had originally been written by Johnson with Vangelis in Paris around 1990.
A second mix of the song appears on the deluxe version of the CD as a bonus track (labelled "original mix".)
Both versions of the song were recorded in 2014, with only a few sounds remaining from the originally recording around 1990.

Lyrics taken from booklet of CD.


Europa lyrics

Europa - the time has come
We just need a vision
To try something new
Throw out all divisions
Now it's up to Europa

No more cities
one whole nation

Europa - after the shame
Things will never be the same
The walls are down
Our hope is new
See the light come shining through
Now its up to Europa

Through all the wars
Down endless corridors
We must beware
The double men who double dare

Through the machine age
Over the moon
Surviving the terrors
Large as they loom
Out of the trenches
Out of the rain
Out of the bunker
Free of the shame

Europa - power in your hands
We've lived through all the changes
Now we've had enough
Of being perfect strangers
Now it's up to Europa


Europa - after the rain
Things will never be the same
The walls are down
Our hope is new
See the light come shining through
Now we talk to Europa

New vision
Your decision
No clouds over us
Rise above
Now it's up to Europa


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