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Jon and Vangelis lyrics - Song is lyrics

Jon and Vangelis: song is lyrics

1   He is sailing   6:47        Cover from the Jon and Vangelis single: Song is (lyrics)
2 Song is 5:51
Total playing time 12:38

Jon and Vangelis:
In September 1975 Anderson appeared on the Vangelis album 'Heaven and Hell' with the song "So long ago, so clear" (Lyrics: Jon Anderson).
Jon Anderson played harp on the Vangelis album: "Opera Sauvage" (1979)
In 1980 Jon Anderson started recording again with Vangelis and in the summer of 1980 Jon & Vangelis released there first album: 'Short Stories'.
Jon Anderson also contributed (vocals) on de Vangelis album "See You Later" (1980) in two songs: Suffocation" and "See You Later".

All Jon and Vangelis albums:
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Jon and Vangelis - the Friends of Mr. Cairo - lyrics (1981)
Jon and Vangelis - Private Collection - lyrics (1983)
Jon and Vangelis - Page of Life - lyrics (1991)
Jon and Vangelis - Page of Life - lyrics (1998) - re-release with different tracks.

Single: Song is:
Lyrics by Jon Anderson
Music composed, arranged and performed by Vangelis
Copyrights is owned by:  Spheric B.V. Holland and Fizz Music Ltd.

Other versions with "song is":
"And when the Night Comes" + "Song is" (7")
"Polonaise" + "Song is" (7")
"Deborah" + "Song is" (7").

Lyrics transcribed from single recording (lyrics not available on sleeve).


Song is lyrics

Song for a man who has come through

Clear, softest wind flows right through you

Carried on the wings of time

Flyin' through the chaos of all the world

High in the farest of a dream

[Live] by and in this [evil] [stream / dream]

Holy come
As I look down

One was to my soul let them come

Please let them come
Three angels, please

Song is we all come through
Song is we all come through

Find me through all the chaos
all the
all the chaos
of the
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world
the world


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Special thanks to: Ivar de Vries and Jason.
Thanks to Dennis Lodewijks for the sleeve scan.

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