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Jon and Vangelis lyrics - The friends of Mr. Cairo lyrics

Jon and Vangelis: The friends of Mr. Cairolyrics

1   I'll Find My Way Home    4:31        Cover from the Jon and Vangelis album: The friends of Mr. Cairo (lyrics)
2 State Of Independence 7:56
3 Beside 4:12
4 The Mayflower 6:38
5 The Friends Of Mr. Cairo 12:09
6 Back To School 5:09
7 Outside Of This (Inside Of That) 5:03
Total playing time 45:42

Jon and Vangelis:
In September 1975 Anderson appeared on the Vangelis album 'Heaven and Hell' with the song "So long ago, so clear" (Lyrics: Jon Anderson).
Jon Anderson played harp on the Vangelis album: "Opera Sauvage" (1979)
In 1980 Jon Anderson started recording again with Vangelis and in the summer of 1980 Jon & Vangelis released there first album: 'Short Stories'.
Jon Anderson also contributed (vocals) on de Vangelis album "See You Later" (1980) in two songs: Suffocation" and "See You Later".

All Jon and Vangelis albums:
The Friends of Mr. Cairo (1981)
Jon and Vangelis - short Stories - lyrics (1980)
Jon and Vangelis - Private Collection - lyrics (1983)
Jon and Vangelis - Page of Life - lyrics (1991)
Jon and Vangelis - Page of Life - lyrics (1998) - re-release with different tracks.

The Friends of Mr. Cairo:
Composed by Jon Anderson and Vangelis
Lyrics and vocals by Jon Anderson
Produced, arranged and performed by Vangelis
Copyright owned by: Spheric B.V., Holland and Polydor Ltd.
The Friends of Mr. Cairo, voices: David Coker and Sally Grace.
The Mayflower, voices David Coker.

Lyrics taken from sleeve of LP. Except movie like speech from "The friends of Mr. Cairo" = transcribed from LP recording (lyrics of this part not available on sleeve or in booklet).


I'll find my way home lyrics

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near
Don't question I'm not alone
Somehow I'll find my way home

My sun shall rise in the east
So shall my heart be at peace
And if you're asking me when
I'll say it starts at the end
You know your will to be free
Is matched with love secretly
And talk will alter your prayer
Somehow you'll find you are there.

Your friend is close by your side
And speaks in far ancient tongue
A seasons wish will come true
All seasons begin with you

One world we all come from
One world we melt into one
Just hold my hand and we're there
Somehow we're going somewhere
Somehow we're going somewhere


You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is strong
I know it can't be long
No questions I'm not alone
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home


State of independence lyrics

State of life-may I live-may I love
Coming out the sky, I name me a name

Coming out-silver word-what it is
It is the very nature of the sound the game
Siamese, Indionese. To Tibet treat the life
As a game, if you please


Coming up-Carabi-this sense of freedom
Derives from a medative State

Movin' on, 'believe' that's it, call it magic
Third world, it is, I only guessed it

Shablam idi Shablam ida
Shablam idi Shablam ida
Shablam idi Shablam ida

Shot to the soul-the flame of Oroladin
The essence of the word
The 'State Of Independence'


Sounds like a signal from you
Bring me to meet your sound
And I will bring you to my heart

Love like a signal you call
Touching my body my soul
Bring to me, you to meet me here

Home be the temple of your heart
Home be the body of your love
Just like Holy water to my lips

(Hey, hey)

Yes I do know how I survive
(Yes I do know) know why I'm alive
To love and be with you
Day by day by day by day

(Hey, hey)
Say-Aye yaya oh
(Yayah yaya oh)
'Be the sound of higher love' today


(Hey, hey)
Time, time again, it is said
We will hear, we will see
See it all-in his wisdom-hear
His truth will abound the land
This truth will abound the land
This State of independence shall be
This State of independence shall be
Time, time again, it is said
We will hear, we will see
See it all-in his wisdom-hear
His truth will abound the land
This truth will abound the land
This state of independence shall be
This state of independence shall be
This state of independence shall be
This state of independence shall be
This state of independence shall be
This state of independence shall be


Beside lyrics

I have seen the compass turning
Round & round my heart The senses are yearning
For a possible change of heart
That is coming to you
Coming to you.
You stand upright, you are different
Why the spinal shock the fusion the evil
Spill it out on the floor of belief
Come and mend this design
Come and mend this design
With every right we do.

I have seen the sun, this sounds crazy
The story about a boy in the rain
He was standing waiting for for the light
As though he did have a reason to know
Did he really know?
His eyes were open they expected someone
In his heart he felt the compass was turned on

I will echo, ho for reasons that change me
Every thought, though it takes so long,
Is master with every plan

It would seem there is no end
To the bad or goodness in man
So my friend it seems the weariest night
Just leads to a heavenly dawn
Should we see so much
In every time we sigh.

Even this we could call music
As that would match my body connection
Let me take your hand, I will be beside you beside

He took so much a lot of my mind
I can't help believe all though is sublime
It this fate
I see it again & again
Yes, I am taugh to love above every reason
Every one every season
The compass will turn
And turn again
turn again
And turn again


Mayflower lyrics

The Sea like The Sea, (the sea like the sea)
The Wind like The Wind, (the wind like the wind)
The Stars in the Sky, (the stars in the sky)

The Sea like The Sea, (the sea like the sea)
The moon like The Moon, (the moon like the moon)
The Stars in The Sky, (the stars in the sky)

In the wind-on the ship-a lullaby
We sailing pass the moment of time
We sailing 'round the point
The kindly light
The kindly light
We go sailing thru' the waters of the summers end
Long ago, search for land
Looking to and fro,

We searching in the day
We searching in the night
We looking everywhere for land a helping hand

For there is hope if truth be there
How much more will we share
We pilgrims of the sea
Looking for a home-

In 1620, The Mayflower sailed from Plymouth westward,
Carrying the Pilgrims in search of a new land
In Star date 27X, year, minus 33, location earth, 16 degrees polar star west

The Mayflower was launched into space
In search of a new land.

Stars in The Sky
Shining so bright
Looking for light
On this Earth
On this Earth


The friends of Mr. Cairo lyrics

[Honking car sound]
[Squealing tires sound]

[movie like speech:]

Frankie: Okay, this is the picture. Johnny's been hurt. He's been hurt bad.
Woman: Look, we can't leave him here, we can't. Look, he's in a pool of blood. He's gonna die, I know it.
Frankie: We've gotta leave him here, honey. We gotta. He won't talk, I promise you that! Will you Johnny?
Woman: Frankie, I don't care whether he talks or not, I just can't leave him like this.
Johnny Listen. Leave me here I... I... I can ... I can ... handle it.
Woman: Oh, no, Johnny, no...


Frankie: The cops are outside. Luke's in the car. Come on, let's get the hell outta this joint.
Woman: Frankie, when they get here wer're gonna be dead, I know we are! We don't have a gun!
Frankie: Listen. We got three million... Listen, [spud]. We got three million in the can, here. We can't look after him, I'll send the bird to his mother. Come on, let's just get out of this place, we can do it!
Woman: Oh, no, Johnny, no...


[sound of Police car siren, shooting, Squealing tires sound]

Frankie: Okay now, just lean up against that door. When I give the word "Go" we just..., we just go through it and blast at the same time.

She came, as in the book, Mickey Spillane
That Saturday night dark masquerade
Had filled his friend with lead, the same, sweetheart

But then, as nothing happens quite the same
Investigation is the game
He had to check her story right away-he dead
Sam Spade his buddy Archer first to go he got it-he dead
She spelt it out, how could they know the 'Fatman' got it -he dead
Her sister didn't really live at all-confusion-he dead
His chase led to the Fatman, to face the friends of Mr. Cairo

[movie like speech:]
Woman: Hey, there's a really terrific dress shop. Can we stop this raid while I buy a new gown?
Frankie: I'll buy you the whole factory, sweetheart. Don't worry.

[sound of Police car siren, shooting]

That night, the double crosser got it right
Pretending he was really dim
He slipped to Sam a double gin (Mickey Finn)

He woke, the boys had gone, but not his gun
They'd left a note to lead him on
The chase to find the Maltese Falcon-you bet-

Early thirties gangster movies
Set to spellbind population

From Chicago to Hong Kong
Via Istanbul the Talking Tong

Dirty rats thru' prohibition
Money flowed thru gangsterism

Acting out this fantasy
In Hollywood's vicinity

The best part for the best rendition
Al Capone he sent to prison

Citizen Kane came fast and quickly
Conquerin ol' New York City
Poking fun at superstition
Media became television

Give me Cagney any day
Or Jimmy Stewart for President

Or Edward 'G' and all those guys
Who always shoot between the eyes [sound of shooting]

Between the eyes
Between the eyes

[movie like speech:]
Kasper: ha, ha, well done Mr. Cairo, and what do you have to say about that, my friend?
Spade: Allright. So you've got me in it. What about her?
Brigid: Don't worry about me, I'm okay
Kasper: Very magnanimous, sir, very magnanimous indeed, ha, ha, ha
Mr. Cairo: You mean..., you won't make us an offer we... we can't refuse...

Father love do you work, do you work for Mother
Chances could call, and accept that, be no other
Science as it might, disappear correspond with colour
Chance is the fruit, will outlive, what is now the brother
Call for total wealth to distribute like a picture
In black and white, give it joy, give it, let it hit you

Spoil our existence by extreme gift to population
Father love do you work, do you work for Mother
Tell me straight be the Godfather be no other
Media Kings give us now give us total movie
Straight right now, give it clear, give us total movie
Now being here, being now, being here believing

[movie like speeches:]
Man: I don't know which words to put in there sweetheart, you know, I can't do it. Pretty kind of useless, though, don't you think so Mary?

Man: Come with me to the far lands of Baghdad.
Woman: Oh, if only I could. That's what I want more than anything in the world, but it could never be...
Man: Of course it can...
Woman: But my father would find us wherever we went. Yes, he has forbidden me to... to even speak to you, if he finds me now. I don't know what he'd do...
Man: But he doesn't know that I'm... I'm a prince. Before, I was the thief of Baghdad now...
Woman: It doesn't matter...
Man: Then follow me, darling, follow me now to the ends of the Earth

One on one to talk to you
Like film stars they get close to you
You've mirrored his appeal
He wants you so, he wants to be beside you
Then you pass by giving him the other side of you
Like the mystics do
So that every time he moves, he moves for you

Soul and light can always see
The meeting of true love and she
This silent night and I,
I guess a lonely mind might see

I've seen love on the screen
I've seen a screen goddess and me-oh
How often this, how often, this the power of you
And so, I must confess
Whatever I see
I'm meant to be there with you
With you with you

Silent golden movies, talkies, technicolour, long ago
My younger ways stand clearer, clearer than my footprints
Stardom greats I've followed closely
Closer than the nearest heartbeat
Longer that expected -they were great-
Oh love oh love just to see them
Acting on the silver screen, oh my
Clark Gable, Fairbanks, Maureen O'Sullivan
Fantasy would fill my life and I
Love fantasy so much
Did you see in the morning light
I really talked, yes I did, to Gods early dawning light
And I was privileged to be as I am to this day
To be with you. To be with you
To be with you. To be with you
To be with you. To be with you

[movie actor like speech:]
[sound of old movie projector]
Mr. Cairo: Listen. I have arranged this display for... for all of you people to... to come here this evening and I... I know you have been searched, but, what you... you don't realize is, is that in the back of the Maltese Falcon, I have it ...

* Based / inspired on the three movies:

  • "The Maltese Falcon" (1941). Directed by John Huston. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Ward Bond, Barton MacLane, Gladys George, Lee Patrick, Elisha Cook Jr., Jerome Cowan and Walter Huston.
  • "It's a wonderful life" (1946). Directed by Frank Capra. The speaker is imitating Jimmy Stuart in the section: "I don't know which words to put in there sweetheart..").
  • "The thief of Bagdad" (1924). Directed by Raoul Walsh. Cast: Douglas Fairbanks. [The section  starting with: "Come with me to the far lands of Baghdad"].


Back to school lyrics

Made my escape just a few days ago
I don't wanna tell you how low you can go
Movin' on up get a job quickly
Something hit me I don't know wot it was
I wanna go back this week
I wanna go back this week
I wanna go back this minute

They said I was unruly
Better get a job
I really didn't understand the meaning of the word
I tried to get an understanding with the foreman boss
He simply put me down and said I wasn't (To be trusted)
So I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back

I wanna go back to school
I wanna go back to school
You might think I'm a crazy fool
I wanna go back to school
Man its safer in there
The world outside is so uncool

I need the money right now, I need the right job
The guys at work just needle me, they just can't get enough
I telephoned my friend, he said "same with me"
So wot are we going to do in this unearthly factory
I don't understand, how I was pushed to the brink
I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back to school
I wanna go back to school
I wanna go back to school
Man it's crazy out here in the 'outer' world
I wanna go back to school

So I'm sitting in the dark
In my bed the other night
Thinking about my teacher
Now wasn't she right
They said youd get a shock
Just like coming out of the womb
The world outside's enormous
There's only so much room
People kick and tear your brain
Life outside's insane
I wanna go back "HERE ME NOW"

I really tried to work so hard
They told me scrub the floor
They kicked me like a toy
Nailed me to the door
I wanna go back to school
I wanna hear it, hear it
Hear the golden rule
I wanna go back to school


Outside of this (inside of that) lyrics

Outside of this inside of that
The memory lingers so right
Completely as that
We've loved a long time, be my friend, I need you

Inside of this and outside of that
There's so much more to finding out
How we forever simply feel the way the wayward-winds that hide the storms at night
Like the winter came, it changed our lives
We were very merry to be there
Our love, get used to being this way
Our love, once again a story really true creates a sound so good-That it's true

Outside of this
Inside of that
There are words that come with time
Like love songs they seem self written
So true, they seem so true
I work a moments time
And feel this is one of lifes mysteries
Bringing a smile
'Cos I know wot it does to you
So I'm trying to pass it thru
Trying for you

Countless variations of the memory the state
The mere emotion of getting round

Crazy understandings of the way we tilt the light
But it shines when we make the sound
Don't live by mistakes
We can dance to your tune
But in reaching out touching your love
Feel those countless understandings
On the countless many reasons
There are to offer you my love
Countless understandings of a ghetto starving nation
Needing love I tell no lie
Countless staring messages as mortal life reflection
As it's spelt out once or twice
But there's this whole understanding
And it's coming I guess-I know-
I hope that you can get into this
To this
I was there and then and then
You were there and then and then
We were there the beginning of time

I was there and then and then
You were there and then and then
We were there the beginning of time


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