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Vangelis Collaborations (with lyrics):

(listed in alphabetical order)


Vangelis with Jon Anderson (Jon and Vangelis) lyrics

Blue ball1980: Short stories lyrics
Blue ball1981: Friends of mr. Cairo lyrics
Blue ball1983: Private collection lyrics
Blue ball1991: Page of life lyrics
Blue ball1998: Page of life (USA version) lyrics


Blue ball1983: Song is lyrics
Blue ball1991: Wisdom chain (lyrics (lyrics of sing with your eyes)


Blue ball1991: Change we must lyrics
Blue ball1991: 1986 Demos & Page of life demos lyrics

Jon and Vangelis Change we must Cd-single

Solo albums of Jon Anderson

Blue ball1985: 3 Ships lyrics (only the song: Easier said than done)
Blue ball1994: Change we must lyrics (with the London Chamber Academy)


Vangelis with Richard Anthony lyrics:

Blue ball1974: Qui t'a fait ça? lyrics


Vangelis with Aphrodite's Child lyrics:

Blue ball1968: End of the world lyrics
Blue ball1968: Plastics nevermore + The other people lyrics (EP: Rain and tears + Don't try to catch a river + Plastics nevermore + The other people)
Blue ball1969: Lontano dagli occhi + Quando l'amore diventa poesia lyrics (single)
Blue ball1969: It's five o'clock lyrics
Blue ball1969: Magic mirror lyrics (single: I want to live + Magic mirror)
Blue ball1970: Air (single: Spring, summer, winter and fall + Air)
Blue ball1971: 666 lyrics
Blue ball The "666" story page Important background information about "666"
Blue ball1981: Best of Aphrodite's Child lyrics (including: "Spring, summer, winter and fall" and "I want to live")


Vangelis with Claudio Baglioni lyrics:

Blue ball1974: E tu lyrics
              E tu (English translation)
Blue ball2002: Mi historia lyrics (3 Spanish songs)


Vangelis with Helen Banks lyrics:

Blue ball1973: Do you know + Hazy day lyrics
Blue ball1973: Starlight + Very deep, very dark lyrics


Vangelis with Montserrat Caballé lyrics:

Blue ball1997: Friends for life lyrics


Vangelis with Luz Casal lyrics:

Blue ball2013: Alma (Paisajes) lyrics


Vangelis with Chrisma lyrics:Claudio Baglioni: E tu lyrics

Blue ball1977: Chinese restaurant lyrics
Blue ball1979: Hibernation lyrics


Blue ball1976: Amore lyrics + Sweet baby Sue lyrics
Blue ball1977: U part 1 lyrics


Vangelis with Riccardo Cocciante lyrics:

Blue ball1976: Concerto per Margherita lyrics
              Concerto per Margherita lyrics (English translation)


Blue ball1977: Concerto para Margarita lyrics (Spanish promo album)


Vangelis with Sean Connery lyrics:

Blue ball2004: Ithaca lyrics


Vangelis with Ricardo Credi lyrics:

Blue ball1967: Siga-Siga lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Dimitri Tambossis lyrics:

Blue ball1974: Pretty one lyrics + Rolly miss rolly (single)
Blue ball1974: Sing all you can lyrics + The land lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Maria Farantouri lyrics:

Blue ball1990: 17 songs lyrics


Vangelis with The Forminx lyrics:

Blue ball1975: The Forminx lyrics


Vangelis with Sammy Gaha lyrics:

Blue ball1974:  J'ai envie de toi lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Humanity lyrics:

Blue ball1973: Bird of love lyrics + The pawn lyrics


Vangelis with I Nuovi Angeli lyrics:

Blue ball1998: Le più belle canzoni de I Nuovi Angeli lyrics


Vangelis with Holly Johnson:

Blue ball2014: Europa (only the song: Europa)


Vangelis with Aleka Kanelidou lyrics:

Blue ball1967: My first songs lyrics (only the song: stranger)


Vangelis with Zoe Kouroukli lyrics:

Blue ball1966: Oldies but goodies lyrics (single)
Blue ball1967: Ciao, amore ciao lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Paul Labbey lyrics:Milva: Tra due sogni lyrics

Blue ball1969: Mon bel ange blond lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Vilma Lado lyrics:

Blue ball1967: Une étoile lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Vicky Leandros lyrics:

Blue ball1983: Vicky lyrics (German version; only the song: Adler und Taube)
Blue ball1984: Vicky lyrics (French version; only the song: La colombe et l'aigle)


Vangelis with Stavros Logaridis lyrics:

Blue ball1980: Se alli gi lyrics (only the song: Na m'agapas)


Vangelis with Maria lyrics:

Blue ball1966: Caro professore lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Mariangela lyrics:

Blue ball1975: Mariangela lyrics


Vangelis with Peter Marsh lyrics:

Blue ball1980: Doesn't matter / Don't be foolish lyrics


Vangelis with Melina Mercouri lyrics:

Blue ball1973: Si Melina m'etait contée lyrics
Blue ball1990: Melina lyrics (with the song: Athina, greek lyrics version)


Vangelis and Mariangela lyrics

Vangelis with Milva lyrics:

Blue ball1981: Ich hab' keine Angst lyrics
Blue ball1981: Moi je n'ai pas peur lyrics
Blue ball1986: Geheimnisse lyrics
Blue ball1986: Tra due sogni lyrics


Vangelis with The Minis lyrics:

Blue ball1966: And I love her lyrics / girl lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Stina Nordenstam lyrics:

Blue ball1995: Ask the mountains lyrics (CD-single)


Vangelis As Odyssey lyrics:

Blue ball1974: Who lyrics (7" single)


Vangelis with Panda lyrics:

Blue ball1977: (single) Dimenticare lyrics + Notturno lyrics


Vangelis with Irene Papas lyrics:

Blue ball1979: Odes lyrics
     Odes (greek transliteration)
Blue ball1986: Rapsodies lyrics
     Rapsodies (Greek transliteration)


Vangelis with Tasso Papastamatis lyrics:

Blue ball1969: Days of love lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Patty Pravo lyrics:

Blue ball1976: Tanto lyrics


Vangelis with Tim Rice & Elaine Paige lyrics:

Blue ball1985: Love hurts lyrics (only the song: All things considered)


Vangelis with George Romanos lyrics:

Blue ball1968: In concert and in the studio lyrics


Vangelis with Ronny lyrics:

Blue ball1981: (single) Compare me with the rest: Pt. I-II lyrics


Vangelis with Demis Roussos lyrics:

Blue ball1977: Magic lyrics
Blue ball1977: Ainsi soit-il lyrics
Blue ball1982: Demis lyrics
Blue ball1982: Demis lyrics (French version, including: La course infinie)
Blue ball1982: Demis lyrics (Spanish version)
Blue ball1984: Reflection lyrics


Demis Roussos: Demis lyrics


Blue ball1977: Morir al lado de mi amor lyrics (Spanish version of "Because")
Blue ball1977: Profeta non sar˛ lyrics (Italian version of "Because")
Blue ball1982: La course infinie lyrics
Blue ball1982: Race to the end lyrics (+ Seasons of love)


Vangelis with Socrates lyrics:

Blue ball1976: Phos lyrics


Vangelis with Tammy lyrics:

Blue ball1967: It tears me up lyrics + Heart of a child lyrics (single)


Vangelis with Vana Verouti lyrics:

Blue ball1969: (single) Ed ora sì lyrics / Tu c'eri già lyrics


Vangelis with Francois Wertheimer lyrics:

Blue ball1974: (single) Pour un peu mieux que d'habitude lyrics


Vangelis with Yes lyrics:

Blue ball1989: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe lyrics (only the song: Let's pretend)
Blue ball1997: Keys to acsension 2 lyrics (only the song: Children of light)




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