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Vangelis and Elaine page lyrics - Love hurts: All things considered lyrics

 Elaine Paige : Love hurts lyrics

  1    Love hurts     4:56        Cover from: Love hurts (Elaine Paige) lyrics
2 Sorry seems to be the ... 3:29
3 This is where I came in 3:41
* 4 All things considered 3:39
5 Mac Arthur Park 6:46
6 For you 4:00
7 My man and me 4:12
8 Without you 3:51
9 The apple tree  3:54
10 Shaking you 3:53
11 I know him so well 4:15
Total playing time 46:06

Elaine Paige (born March 5, 1948) is an English female singer and actress best known for her work in musical theatre.
Her first solo album "Sitting Pretty" was relased in 1978.

* only this song contains music of Vangelis, with lyrics of Tim Rice (with a little help from Elaine Paige)
The other lyrics are not included on this page.
Note: Vangelis does not play on this song
Copyright owned by: Spheric B.V. Holland and Warner Bros Music and 64  Squares Music Ltd.

Lyrics taken from sleeve of LP.


All things considered lyrics

Love you must know I tried
All of this time
A long weary climb
But oh my hands were tied
Nothing to hold
I'm outy in the cold

Strange to see our future fall
into the past
Too good to last
But oh the times we had
All things considered I'm sad

Who's fooling who?
Who'd believe what I've been through?
One thing's for sure
You'll be lonely too

Love I need some good advice
Think of a way
To beg me to stay

You needn't ask me twice
It won't be hard to do
All things considered I'm blue

Love we've lost our way somehow
Nothing is true
Least of all you
But oh what happens now
How can I know?
Where will I go?

Strange to see our future fall
Intom the past
Too good to last
But oh the times we had
The good days and the bad
But I'll be till the end
All things considered your friend


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