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 Vangelis discography: Voices

  1    Voices     7:00        Cover from: Voices
2 Echoes 8:20
3 Come To Me 4:40
(vocals and lyrics:
Caroline Lavelle)
4 P.S. 2:05
5 Ask The Mountains 7:55
(vocals and lyrics:
Stina Nordenstam)
6 Prelude 4:24
7 Losing Sleep (Still My Heart) 6:41
(vocals and lyrics:
Paul Young)
8 Messages 7:30
9 Dream In An Open Place 5:50
Total playing time 54:39

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Recorded and mixed by Philippe Colonna. Assistant producer: Frederick Rousseau.
Track 1: Voices, featuring vocals from the Athens Opera Company.
Special thanks to:  Frederick Rousseau, Philippe Colonna, John Martin, Andrew Hoy, Ian Lane, Caroline Lavelle, Stina Nordenstam and Paul Young.
Cover photography: Jim Freedman. Design: Stylorouge.
Copyright owned by: Warner Music UK and Spheric B.V., Holland.


East west 0630-12786-2 (Australia) 1995
East west C063012786-2 (Brazil) 1995
East west 0630-12786-2 (Bulgaria) 1995 [white disc]
East west CD 12786 (Canada) 1995
East/West  0630 12786 2 (Germany)
East west AMCE-915 (Japan) 1995
East West WPCR-16317 SHM-cd (Japan) 2015
East west 0630-12786-2 (Korea) 1995
East west WICD 5217 (South Africa) 1995
East west 0630-12786-2 (Taiwan)
Atlantic 82853-2 (USA) 1996
Atlantic 82853-2/D104192 (USA)1996 [BMG Music club edition]


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