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 Vangelis discography: The city

1   Dawn   4:16        Cover from: The city
2 Morning Papers 3:55
3 Nerve Centre 5:30
4 Side Streets 4:12
5 Good To See You 6:51
6 Twilight 4:57
7 Red Lights 3:55
  8 Procession 9:33
Total playing time 43:09

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis.
Recorded at Hotel de la ville (Rome) and Mega Studios (Paris).
Engineers: Frederick Rousseau and Philippe Colonna. Assistant engineers: Baboo and Florian.
Copyright is owned by: WEA Recordings Ltd.
"Twilight" and "Red lights" voices in Japanese by Mikamo Yuko and Kimura Rieko.
"Good to see you" voice by Kathy Hill.
Footsteps and voices by: Roman Polanski and Emmanuele Seigner.
Special thanks to: John Martin, Paul Foster, Andrew Hoy, Ian Lane, Bill Marshall and Frederick Rousseau.
Art direction ,design and illustration: The Red Tiger.



East west 1-73026 (Argentina) 1990 [Title: La Ciudad]
East west 670.9292 (Brazil) 1990
East west 9031-73026-1 (Germany) 1990
East west WIC 5125 (South Africa) 1990

East west M173026-2 ( Brazil)
East west Z 40103( Bulgaria)
Eeast west CD 73026 ( Canada)
East west 9032 73026-2 (France/Germany) 1995 special slip cover [Title: Album de Légende/The City] 
East West 9031-73026-2 (Germany)
E ast west WMC5-570 ( Japan) obi & insert
East west 9031-73026-2 ( Korea)
Atlantic 7 82248-2 (USA) [with long box, custom sticker]
Atlantic 7 82248-2/D153304 (USA) [BMG Compact Disc Club issue]
Atlantic A2 82248 (USA) [Columbia Record Club issue]


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