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 Vangelis discography: See you later

  1    I Can't Take It Anymore     5:38        Cover from: See you later
2 Multi-Track Suggestion 5:32
* 3 Memories Of Green 5:44
4 Not a Bit - All Of It 2:55
5 Suffocation 9:21
6 See You Later 10:22
Total playing time 39:53
* = Instrumental
Lyrics by Vangelis

Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis.
Recording engineer: Raphael Preston and John Walker
Studio assistant: Rena Shine
Recorded at Nemo Studios London, England.

"I can't take it anymore" performed by Peter Marsh
"Not a bit" performed by Cherry Vanilla
"Suffocation" performed by  Jon Anderson; Italian words: Christina and Maurizio Arcieri (Chrisma)
"See you later" performed by Jon Anderson.

Sleeve, photographs and design: Vangelis, Veronique Skawinska and Alwyn Clayden.
Modelling: Sally Ann Kirch, Nancy Wurl and Kevin Harrison


Polydor 27027 (Argentina) 1983 [title: Hasta luego]
Polydor VAN 06 (Canada) 1980
Polydor 2302 101 (France) 1980
Polydor 2302 101 (W Germany) 1980
Polydor 28MM 0013 (Japan) 1980
Polydor 2421 149 (Greece) 1980
Polydor 2311 026 (Mexico)
Polydor LPR 16385 (Mexico) 1981 (written on cover: La cultura del rock)
Polydor 821 932-1 (Spain) reissue
Polydor 2302 101 (UK) 1980

Polydor 821 932-2 (W Germany) 1989
Polydor P22P 20306 (Japan)
Universal UICY9379 (Japan) [Rock Legend series: limited edition, paper sleeve] 2004


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