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 Vangelis discography: Mythodea

  1    Movement 1 2:43        Mythodea
2 Movement 2 5:41
3 Movement 3 5:39
4 Movement 4 5:51
5 Movement 5 13:42
6 Movement 6 6:35
7 Movement 7 6:27
8 Movement 8 4:58
9 Movement 9 3:03
10 Movement 10 5:00
11 Movement 11 3:03
12 Mythodea special edit 3:57
Total playing time 66:55

All music composed, arranged and  produced by Vangelis.
Electronic keyboards by Vangelis.
Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman: Sopranos
The London Metropolitan Orchestra. Blake Neely, conductor
The National Opera of Greece Choir. Choir master Fani Palamidi and Percussion Ensemble.

Recorded at:

  • Athens Concert Hall / Megaron Recording Centre
    Chief engineer: Nikos Espialidis.
    Sound engineers: Andreas Mantopoulos, Babis Blazoudakis
    Assistants: Giorgos Mathioudakis, Nikos Tsoukas, Kyriakos Kyriakou.
  • Air Studios London.
    Sound engineer: Geoff Foster
    Assistant: John Bailey
  • Voyageur 1 (a French mobile recording studio)
    Sound engineer: Jerome Blondel

Recorded and mixed by Philippe Colona and Frédérick Rousseau.
Sound engineer: Vangelis Saitis.
Orchestral transcription by Blake Neely
Art direction and design: Giulio Turturro. Cover photo: Temple of Zeus, Athens, Fergus O'Brien/FPG International.

The live concert Mythodea (a choral symphony) was performed in Athens at the Temple of Olympian Zeus on Thursday 28 June 2001.

Mythodea concert Athens 28 June 2001 (Temple of Olympian Zeus)

One of the images projected on the screen set up behind the temple during the Mythodea concert Athens 28 June 2001 (Temple of Olympian Zeus).


Sony Classical SK 89191 (Austria) 2001
Sony Classical SK 89191 (Austria) 2001 (11 tracks; without special radio edit)
Sony Classical SK 89191 (Brazil) (11 tracks; without special radio edit)
Sony Classical SK 89191 (Canada
Sony Classical SICP 58 (Japan)
Sony Classical CCK 8086 (South Korea)
Sony Classical SK 89191 (USA)

Special issue:
(Promo CD) Mythodea Sony Classical ASK 89191 (Greece) (without special edit track)

Sony Classical SK 89191 (Russian bootleg) 2001. 15 tracks (3 bonustracks from 1492: "Opening"; "Conquest of paradise" and "Monastery of la Rabida")


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