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 Vangelis discography: Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit

1   Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit (A)    15:32        sleeve reprise edition
2 Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit (B) 15:25
Total playing time 30:57

Music composed and arranged by Vangelis.
Recording engineer:  Charles Raucher
Assistant engineer:  Jean-Claude Connan and Didier Pitois
Recorded at: Studio Europa-Sonor

Lyrics from inscriptions on walls in Paris (May 1968)
Fanfare: "La gerbe des mandolines"
Live recordings on the street: Luc Perini


LP:Black Cover vinyl album: Fais que ton reve soit plus long que la nuit (Vangelis)
WEA/Reprise 54009  (France) 1972 (black cover; gatefold)

Philips 9112 003 (Greece)  1975 black cover)
WEA/Reprise 54009 (France) 1979 (Reissue) (yellow red cover)
WEA/Reprise 54009 (France) 1979 (Reissue) (pink yellow cover)

Released for the first time on cd in 2008:
as supplement from the Greek newspaper "Ta Nea", retitled "Paris May 1968"., this CD came (for 2 Euro extra) with the The Saturday May 31 2008 edition, along with a short interview with Vangelis.
Universal Music (Greece)Cover from Paris 1968 (2008 release of FQTRSPLQLN)








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