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Foros timis ston Greko (Vangelis)

  1    Movement I 10:08        foros timis ston Grreco front cover
2 Movement II 5:25
3 Movement III 6:26
4 Movement IV 9:46
5 Movement V 8:12
6 Movement VI 11:52
7 Movement VII 7:00
Total playing time   59:20

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Montserrat Caballe: soprano.
Konstantinos Paliatsaras: tenor.
Recorded by Philippe Colonna and Frederick Rousseau
Special thanks to: Yvan Cassar, John Martin, Andrew Hoy, Ian Lane and Rob Dickens.
This is a special limited edition: only 3000 signed (by Vangelis) copies.
A book about the Greek/Spanish painter El Greco accompanied the CD (127 pages) (text in Greek and Englsih


front cover from book   scan of signed CD
Front cover from book: Signed CD by Vangelis
Number: 1586/3000


Sam 1702 (Greece)


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