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 Vangelis discography: Blade runner

1   Main Titles    3:42        Cover from: Blade runner
2 Blush Response 5:47
3 Wait For Me 5:27
4 Rachel's Song 4:46
5 Love Theme 4:56
6 One More Kiss, Dear 3:58
7 Blade Runner Blues 8:53
8 Memories Of Green 5:05
9 Tales Of The Future 4:46
10 Damask Rose 2:32
11 Blade Runner (End Titles) 4:40
12 Tears In Rain 3:00
Total playing time 57:31

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Engineered by Raine Shine, Frederick Rousseau and philippe Colonna
Original soundtrack of the film "Blader runner".
Director: Ridley Scott.
Recorded at Nemo Studios London

"Rachel's song" performed by Mary Hopkin.
"One more kiss, dear" performed by Don Percival (lyrics by: Peter Skellern.
"Tales of the future" performed by Demis Roussos.


East west 4509-96574-1 (Brazil) 1994
Audio Fidelity; Catalog: AFZLP 154 Specially remastered for this LP; limited edition; 180 gram transparent red vinyl 2013 (USA)Vangelis: Blade runner 2013 CACD

East west 4509-96574-2 (Australia)
East west 4509 96574 2 (Brazil)
East west CD 96574 (Canada)
East west 4509-96574-2 (Geramny)
East west AMCE 732 (Japan)
East west 4509-96574-2 (Korea)
East west WIXD 41 (South Africa)
East west 4509-96574-2 (Taiwan) 1994 [gold remastered CD]
Atlantic 82623-2 (USA)
Atlantic 82623-2/D104912 (USA) [BMG Compact Disc Club issue]

Audio Fidelity AFZ 154 (Hybrid SACD) USA 2013; limited edition.


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