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 Vangelis: Alexander Soundtrack

1    Introduction   1:32        Cover from the Vangelis album "Alexander"

Young Alexander

3   Titans 3:59
4   The Drums of Gaugamela  5:20
5   One Morning at Pella 2:11
6   Roxane's Dance 3:25
7   Eastern Path 2:58
8   Gardens of Delight 5:24
9   Roxane's Veil 4:40
10   Bagoas' Dance 2:29
11   The Charge 1:41
12 Preparation 1:42
13 Across the Mountains 4:12
14 Chant 1:38
15 Immortality 3:18
16   Dream of Babylon 2:41
17   Eternal Alexander 4:37
18   Tender Memories 2:59
19   Bizarre bazar (bonus track) 3:52
  Total playing time 60:12

Original motion picture soundtrack album for Oliver Stone's movie about Alexander the Great.

This album includes the bonus track: Bizarre bazar

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.

"Roxane's Veil" featuring Vanessa-Mae, violin 
Vocals on "Roxane's Veil" by Konstantinos Paliatsaras and Irina Valentinova-Karpouchina
Vocals on "Gardens of Delight" by Irina Valentinova-Karpouchina
Vocals on "The Drums of Gaugamela" by Epirus Polyphonic Ensemble 
Harp: Maria Bildea, Duduk on "Eastern Path" by Vahan Galstian

Assistant Producer: Frederick Rousseau
Orchestrations: Nic Raine 
Mixed by Philippe Colonna
Electronic Instruments' Programmer: Vangelis Saitis
Music Transcriptions: Irina Valentinova-Karpouchina

Music Production Consultant: Chantal Feghali

Orchestral Score and Choir performed and recorded at the Studio Guillaume Tell in Paris 
Conducted by Nic Raine
First violin: Dominique Lemonnier
Orchestra contractor: Christophe Briquet
Assistant contractor: Alexane Alves de Souza

Sound Engineers: Philippe Colonna, Frederick Rousseau, Vangelis Saitis, Stephane Briand
Assistant Sound Engineer: Pierre Brien
Copyist: Vic Fraser Bell

Sample: Arsis/Erdenklang Musikverlag


Sony Classical SK 93610 (Austria) 2004 (limited edition)
Sony Classical SK 93610 (USA) 2004 (limited edition)


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