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Vangelis discography: 1492 Conquest of paradise

1    Opening   1:21        Cover from the Vangelis album: 1492
2   Conquest of Paradise 4:30
3   Monastery of La Rabida 3:24
4   City of Isabel 2:08
5   Light and shadow 3:31
6   Deliverance 3:20
7   West across the Ocean Sea 2:44
8   Eternity 1:53
9   Hispanola 4:39
10   Moxica and the horse 6:42
11   Twenty eighth parallel 4:47
12   Pinta Nina.Santa Maria... 12:37
  Total playing time 54:51

All music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.
Original soundtrack of the film: 1492 Conquest of Paradise.
Director: Ridley Scott. Produced by: Ridley Scott and Alain Goldman
Vocals: Guy Protheroe
Recorded and mixed at Epsilon Laboratory Paris by Philippe Colonna. Assistant producer: Frederick Rousseau.
Mastered at "44.1"Paris by Alain Marnat.
English Chamber Choir recorded at CTS Studios, Wembley. Conducted by Guy Protheroe.
Spanish guitar and voices: Bruno Manjarres and Pepe Martinez. Mandolin and violin: Francis Darizcuren. Flutes: Didier Malherbe.
Special thanks to: John Martin, Andrew Hoy, Ian Lane, Xavier Belanger and Denis Vanzetto.
Copyright is owned by: Warner Music U.K. Ltd.


CD :

East west M 991014-2 (Brazil) [Columbus on cliff cover]
East west 78243292 (Bulgaria)
East west CD 91014 ( Canada) [Columbus on cliff cover]
East west 4509-91014-2 (Chile) 1992
Popron 50 243-2 ( Czechoslovakia) [ Columbus on cliff cover]
East west 4509-91014-2 (Germany =French release!) [Title: 1492 Christophe Colomb]
East west 4509 91014-2 (Germany)
East west WMC5-560 (Japan) [Columbus on cliff cover]
East west 4509-91014-2 ( Korea)
East west WICD 5209 (South Africa) [Columbus on cliff cover]
East west 601162 (Taiwan) 1999
Atlantic 7 82432-2 (USA)


h1492.jpg (26414 bytes)
French issue
1492 Christophe Colomb


East west 670.8272 (Brazil) 1992
East west 4509-91014-1 (Germany) 1992
East west 4509-91014-1 (Korea) 1992


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