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Vangelis lyrics - Direct lyrics

 Vangelis album: Direct (lyrics)

*   1   Motion Of The Stars    4:19        Sleeve scan from the Vangelis album: Direct
* 2 The Will Of The Wind 4:42
* 3 Metallic Rain 6:13
* 4 Elsewhere 5:45
* 5 Dial Out 5:22
* 6 Glorianna (Hymn A La Femme) 4:23
* 7 Rotation's Logic 3:35
* 8 The Oracle Of Apollo 3:58
** 9 Message 7:10
* 10 Ave 5:04
* 11 First Aproach 5:00
12 Intergalactic Radio Station 7:44
Total playing time 63:15

* instrumental.
** lyrics not available

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis.
Copyright is owned by: BMG Eurodisc Limited.

Lyrics transcribed from CD recording (lyrics not available on sleeve or in booklet).


Intergalactic radio station lyrics

"I've, seen things.. many things that you can't believe.

Past designs, future designs,
cables in the bend.
Second-hand sounds,
future sounds,
synthesizer dialogues.
Incomprehensible software.
Hi Jon, let's break some rules!
Here comes a sound.
We've got to record this later
Same ol' factory you know
here's some names for you,
'Polyester landscape,
Nylon Oxygen,
Ashes to Concrete.'

"Oh, by the way,
It's been a beautiful morning,
what a morning,
great morning,
It's a great morning man."

Explanatory notes:
Speech by Casey Young. Jon = Jon Anderson. "Lets break some rules" was about going to the studio and writing some music.
Casey is using the patch names from the synths (nylon, oxygene, polyester concrete etc).


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