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Vangelis lyrics - China lyrics

 Vangelis : China (lyrics)

1   Chung Kuo   5:31        Cover from the Vangelis album: China
2 The Long March 2:01
3 The Dragon 4:13
4 The Plum Blossom 2:36
5 The Tao Of Love 2:44
*   6 The Little Fete 3:01
7 Yin & Yang 5:48
8 Himalaya 10:53
9 Summit 4:30
Total playing time 41:34

* = only this song contains "lyrics", translated by J.C. Cooper and taken from her book: "Taoism".
Recited by  Yeung Hak-Fun and Koon Fook Man

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis.
Copyright is owned by: Polydor Ltd (London)

Lyrics taken from sleeve of LP.


The little fete lyrics

"I take a bottle of wine and I go drink it among the flowers.
We are allways three ... counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon
Happily the moon knows nothing of drinking, and my shadow is never thirsty
When I sing, the moon listens to me in silence. When I dance, my shadow dances too.
After all festivities the guests must depart. This sadness I do not know.
When I go home, the moon goes with me and my shadow follows me"


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