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Vangelis lyrics - Albedo 0.39 lyrics

Vangelis: Albedo 0.39 lyrics

1   Pulstar   5:45        Sleeve scan from  the Vangelis album: Albedo 0.39
* 2 Free Fall 2:20
3 Mare Tranquillitatis 1:45
* 4 Main Sequence 8:15
* 5 Sword Of Orion 2:05
* 6 Alpha 5:45
7 Nucleogenesis (Part One) 6:15
8 Nucleogenesis (Part Two) 5:50
9 Albedo 0.39 4:30
Total playing time 41:49

Composed, arranged and produced by Vangelis.
Narration on "Albedo 0.39" recited by: Keith Spencer Allen
Copyright is owned by: BMG/RCA.

* = instrumental

Lyrics transcribed from CD recording (lyrics not available on sleeve or in booklet).


Pulstar lyrics

[speaking clock]

At the third stroke it will be 10.03 and 40 seconds
[peep, peep, peep]
At the third stroke it will be 10.03 and 50 seconds
[peep, peep, peep]
At the third stroke it will be 10.04 precisely


Mare Tranquillitatis lyrics

[Astronaut conversation during Apollo Moon landing]

-"Base (??) or: Nick?"

-"How are you doing?"
-"ha ha ha" [laugh]
-"very strange"
- "o.k."
- "hello mom"

...around looks just great.....

-"Roger (?)"
-"Hey John, how you doing"

- "It looks like ..."

-"It's what I see around all that ... here"

-"You know ...."



Albedo 0.39 lyrics

Maximum distance from the sun: 94 million 537 thousand miles

Minimum distance from the sun: 91 million 377 thousand miles

Mean distance from the sun: 92 million 957 thousand and 200 miles

Mean Orbital velocity: 66000 miles per hour

Orbital eccentricity: 0.017

Obliquity of the ecliptic: 23 degrees 27 minutes 8.26 seconds

Length of the tropical year: equinox to equinox 365.24 days

Lenght of the sidereal year: fixed star to fixed star 365.26 days

Length of the mean solar day: 24 hours and 3 minutes and 56.5555 seconds at mean solar time

Length of the mean sidereal day: 23 hours and 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds at mean sederial time

Mass: 6600 million million million tons

Equatorial diameter: 7927 miles

Polar diameter: 7900 miles

Oblateness:  one 298th

Density: 5.41

Mean surface gravitational acceleration of the rotating earth: 32.174 feet per second per second

Escape velocity: 7 miles per second

Albedo: 0.39
Albedo: 0.39
Albedo: 0.39
Albedo: 0.39
Albedo: 0.39
Albedo: 0.39
Albedo: 0.39


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