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Links to important Vangelis sites:


On these 5 sites you will find everything about Vangelis:

Blue ball Elsewhere pages from Dennis Lodewijks (with the latest news; frequently updates)
blue ball Vangelis collectors corner! (Don has the largest Vangelis collection of the world)
Blue ball Vangelis movements (with a lot of info about many collaborations of Vangelis)

Vangelis news (email-group and newsgroup)

Blue ball Vangelis Discussion Group (Discussion of the music of - and inspired by - Greek composer, arranger, multi-instrumental performer and electronic music pioneer.)

Other Vangelis sites on the web:

Blue ball Nemo Studios gallery Website
Blue ball A Norwegian Vangelis homepage of Morten StenshorneStavros Logaridis: Se alli gi
Blue ball Vangelis Web Ring


Demis Roussos & Aphrodite's Child:

Blue ball
Blue ball Aphrodite's Child and Demis Roussos



Blue ball Chrisma Music Blog



Blue ball Milva: official website


Where can I find information about "Rare CD's" of Vangelis and/or music samples?

Blue ball RadioGold Greece  info about a 5 cd-box The ultimate Greek pop: 18 Forminx songs included)
Blue ball Greek music shop


Other important sites on the web:

Blue ball Official Frederick Rousseau blog





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